D-Touch was founded in 2011 by Kaia Zak, whilst she was working for one of the leading fashion houses.
She was responsible for creative, press and beauty retouching, whilst working hands on and overseeing others. 
In addition to her role, Kaia has also worked with a wide range of clients across Europe and maintained an excellent
track record with top creative agencies.


Beautiful Images! Concept. Production. Post-Production. Delivery.

A high-end creative post-production studio based in London (UK), Krakow (Poland) and Zurich (Switzerland) . We specialise in retouching, visualization,
composition, e-commerce and post-production from packshots to invisible model imagery. Our attention to detail and design creativity gives us the edge
over our competitors. By treating every image as blank canvas we are able to transform the initial design concept into a work of art.

Our core business is retouching, however we have experience in all aspects of production from concept to delivery. At D-Touch we have
a fully equipped photographic studio where we take images of your products for packshots, invisible modeLS, creative campaigns, landing pages
and advertisements, both digital and print.

We are a team of passionate, experienced, cutting-edge individuals who strive to deliver the very best product for our clients. 

• We always look at image production with post-production in mind
• We are true Photoshop masters who know exactly the type of images required, and how they should be shot in order to achieve desired results
• We are involved with our clients ideas from inception through to completion
• We do not believe in a 'fix it in post' production approach It doesn't end there.

We also provide creative consultancy services in all aspects of E-Commerce. We create beautiful, consistent imagery - packshots, landing pages,
banners - to ensure that your site is 100% efficient and delivers sales results.